Q's Pooper Scooper

We Scoop So You Don't Have To 

Our Goal Is To Provide The Best Service Possible

We are a highly trusted and experience pet waste removal company, servicing the Greenville area.

Q’s Pooper Scooper is a local, independent small business. We remove dog poop, deodorize, and sanitize (per request) your yard. This is done so that you can enjoy a clean yard for your family and pets without the hassle of the cleanup.

We offers services year round and we services the following areas: 

  • Greater Greenville 

  • Mauldin 

  • Simpsonville 

  • Easley 

  • Piedmont 

  • Taylors 

  •  Greer 

Q's Pooper Scooper service is here to help and committed to take the hassle and mess out of cleaning up after your pets. 


Pet Waste Facts 

Dog feces are common carriers of the following: 

  • E Coli 

  • Tapeworm 

  • Whip Worm

  • Round Worms 

  • Giardia 

  • Parvo 

Be aware that some of the parasites or diseases can be spread from your dog to you and may cause you to become sick. A yard full of infected waste is not a healthy place. Pet waste is an environmental hazard due to the viruses, bacteria, and pathogens that are living in the feces. 


don't look down and pout, q's pooper scooper service will get it out!